What We Do

APRIL is manned entirely by volunteers who themselves have chronic pain. Consequently, the centre may occasionally be closed at short notice. If you are travelling from a distance, it would be advisable to contact us before you come to check that the centre is open.

A Registered Charity - No: 1126508

Action on Pain - Resource & Information Library

Confidential help and advice for sufferers of chronic pain


What We Do


Why is APRIL there?


  • We provide practical support to help people manage their pain.


Who is APRIL for?


  • We are for anyone who lives with pain, not only those who have pain themselves but also their family, carers and friends.


What does APRIL provide?


  • Someone to talk to.


  • Advice and guidance on a range of topics for people who live with pain.


  • A wide variety of books to browse.


  • Leaflets to read and take away.


  • Internet access to pain web sites


  • Information about support groups


  • Courtesy refreshments.


Why visit APRIL?


  • To receive practical advice from people who understand what it’s like to live with pain.


  • To meet like minded people.


  • To access up-to-date information about pain.


  • Or simply to relax and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.


  • No appointment is necessary and you are guaranteed a warm welcome.